February 27, 2024

Trust me, the way you sit says a lot about your personality.

Behavioral details of your personality can be reflected and noticed in body gestures. This concept is not new or surprising, because psychologists, psychiatrists, and researchers have been studying this topic for decades.

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However, a new personality test claims that it is possible to understand the workings of the human mind from the way each person is seated.

Look at the picture, reveal your way of sitting (out of the three options) and check what it means about your subconscious mind.

Photo: genial.guru

Do you sit like Figure 1?

You are someone who always analyzes things as deeply as possible. As a result, good ideas or solutions to unexpected situations often emerge at the right times. In addition, you have great intelligence and a high ability to think logically.

Personality test: sitting method 2

If you sit like Figure 2, you have a good way with words to socialize with other people. In addition, you can convey confidence to all the people you meet and you can form great bonds of friendship. Take advantage of this gift to create a quality social circle for life.

Do you sit like a figure 3? understand

In this case, your character shows great humility in front of people and is very generous in any situation. This makes others describe him as a kind-hearted person.

Does the personality test work?

Analyzing a person’s figure through body expressions, such as the manner of sitting, still generates a lot of discussion. Of course, to understand how people’s minds work, it is essential to seek out professionals trained in behavior analysis.

If you need a psychological diagnosis, see an expert. This professional will be able to guide the process to improve their way of thinking and behaving, as well as promoting self-knowledge and overcoming their trauma.