July 22, 2024

Two ways to make money using utility

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Two ways to make money using utility
Two ways to make money using utility

Separation Compensation Fund (FGTSIt is a type of savings account for workers who work with a formal contract. A percentage of your salary is deposited into the account linked to it every month, and this amount can be withdrawn in case of unfair dismissal or in other cases provided by law.

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But these are not the only ones ways to benefit. There is a way to increase the value of the FGTS and another way to anticipate its recovery. See more details below.

FGTS review

The FGTS audit is a procedure that requests a change in the rate currently approved to correct the balance of accounts. The goal is to prevent it from losing value due to inflation. Therefore, the ideal model is the INPC or IPCA index exchange, which are indicators that measure the increase in prices in a country.

When the review value reaches 60 minimum wage (about 72 thousand RRL), the process can be opened in Special Federal Courts (JEFs), without the need for a lawyer. For amounts over 60 minimum wages, it is necessary to hire a lawyer.

The worker can refer to his review value in the tool FGTS LOIT, which is completely free. Simply access the Caixa FGTS app to access your account statements and attach documents to the platform.

Anticipate Christmas loot

Now, if you need money quickly, the alternative is to expect to withdraw at Christmas. The service is available at different banks and they usually have very attractive interest rates. Some institutions expect interest up to 12 years.

the birthday loot A worker is allowed to withdraw a percentage of his FGTS balance each year, in the month of his birthday. In addition to this amount, he is also entitled to an additional fixed premium.

First of all, it is necessary to migrate to this method. The process can be done on the website fgts.caixa.gov.br, in Caixa Internet Banking or at bank branches. Then just look for the bank that offers the option and choose the number of installments you want to pay.

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