July 1, 2022
UFC: Marina Rodriguez wins Brazilian Style battle against Mackenzie Dern |  Fight

UFC: Marina Rodriguez wins Brazilian Style battle against Mackenzie Dern | Fight

It was a real fight. Marina Rodriguez and Mackenzie Dern, who are ranked sixth and fourth in the UFC strawweight rankings, have shown why they are considered superstars in their areas of expertise. If Dern plays an excellent ground game, Rodriguez has shown that his shot is not far away. With a ceremonial performance, she resisted her opponent’s attacks on the floor and asserted herself standing, winning one of the best women’s fights of recent times with power: the unanimous decision by the judges (the triple 49-46) and the certainty that she was as firm as one of the top names in upcoming fights for the divisional title.

Marina Rodriguez celebrates UFC’s victory over Mackenzie Dern – Photo: Getty Images

I didn’t feel threatened to apply at any time. Of course, she has a heavy hand, but in the fight I did not feel any danger of submission. The strategy was to be quiet, as she excels at wrestling. If she came out with everything, I would have played her game. But I made her play my game. I am very happy to put in two excellent performances in five rounds against two very experienced athletes. When the UFC wants it, I’ll be ready. I know there are some girls waiting, but if he is not available, I will fight for the belt – said Marina Rodriguez after the fight.

The fight began with the fighters throwing kicks to the waist and legs. Mackenzie Dern was trying to throw hits to get close and take the fight to the ground, while Marina Rodriguez kept her opponent in long-hit mode. Halfway through the round, Dern managed to land with a right hook and grabbed Rodriguez in the net, but left his arm exposed and Rodriguez stopped him. Dern spins around, freeing his arm, but he loses control of the movements on the net. The two returned to duel in the center of the octagon, and Rodriguez tied two good hits to the waist before the break.

Marina Rodriguez Mackenzie Dern UFC – Foto: Getty Images

Mackenzie Dern narrowed the gap early in the second round, but Marina Rodriguez avoided his approach. However, on his second attempt, Dern managed to take out, keeping Rodriguez with his back on the floor through the guardrail. With his knee in his opponent’s stomach, Dern was in control of the movements, but Marina Rodriguez put a hand triangle under her, and Dern struggled to get out. When he freed himself, he applied a cross, took hold of Rodriguez’s arms, and was able to free them a little later. Dern made the move to the back, then the mountain and started “land and pound.” Rodriguez defended himself as best he could until the end of the first half.

Mackenzie Dern dominated Marina Rodriguez to the floor in the second round of the UFC – Photo: Getty Images

Marina Rodriguez came back strong for the third round, linking right and left punches, while Mackenzie Dern looked more tired after the second round. With some haste, Dern attempted to attack by walking forward, but left loopholes for Rodriguez to strike and score. With a better movement, Rodriguez avoided Dern’s approach.

Round 4 brought Mackenzie Dern once again confused looking to get close, with sparse punches leaving room for Marina Rodriguez to counterattack. More physically, Rodriguez controlled the movement and controlled the fight distance, striking consciously. Dern had a hard time getting close, and when Rodriguez approached her, he tied straight blows. In the last minute of the round, Dern got the takedown, actually fell, and after a few hits, he tried to get a shoulder blade, which was cut off by the end of the round.

Marina Rodriguez dominated the distance and dominated the end of the fight against Mackenzie Dern at the UFC – Image: Getty Images

The start of the fifth and final round was similar to the previous three round, with Mackenzie Dern seeking to attack, Marina Rodriguez waiting and a fine counterattack. Rodriguez’s swinging technique helped keep her safe from the McKenzie Dern boats. Rodriguez led offensive operations in the round, but with one minute left in the fight, Dern was able to get close to the net. Very tired, Dern could not eliminate her opponent, who defended herself, turned away from the attack and ended the fight with an attack.

Matthews Nikolaou beats Tim Elliott on points

With a very mental and conscious performance, flyweight Mateus Nikolaou took an important victory over American Tim Elliott by unanimous decision (Triple 29-28). He showed good physical preparation and great accuracy in hitting, especially in the movement of Elliott in his direction, the Brazilian put himself in the top ten in this category.

Matthews Nikolaou defeated Tim Elliott in a UFC Dern match against Rodriguez – Image: Getty Images

The fight began with Elliot performing his traditional unconventional move, while Nicolau sought to apply punches as the American approached. The Brazilian even lost his balance trying to defend himself, and almost took a kick from Elliot when he fell. Nicholas received a new confrontational blow, but Elliot, when he fell, grabbed his leg, lifted him and knocked him to the ground. The Brazilian got up quickly, but got caught in the net. The two hits exchanged in the last seconds of the round.

Matthews Nicolau defeats Tim Elliott at UFC Dern v Rodriguez – Photo: Getty Images

Tim Elliott returned for the second round, cut the distance and immediately took control of Matthews Nicolau’s back. The Brazilian ditched the center and hooked up a punch soon after, unbalanced the American and then fired a good combination of cross and calf kick that hit the opponent squarely. Elliot smiled and called Nicolau to fight, but the Brazilian did not go into provoking his opponent and showed accuracy in his strikes, tying more than the American.

Accommodating Elliott’s movement, Matthews Nicolau started the final round to connect good hits in the American’s approach. Elliott was trying to speed up the pace, but he couldn’t find the Brazilian. Unable to strike efficiently, the American got into a head-to-head fight, catching Nicolau in the net for a few seconds, before the Brazilian broke free. Halfway through the round, Nicolau knocked Elliot down, keeping his back on the ground. When the American clung to him, waiting for the referee to order both to stand, the Brazilian would get up, pin his back to the ground and stay active to stay in top position. The American managed to get up in the last seconds, but there was no time for anything else.

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