December 6, 2023
UFMG opens disciplinary proceedings against Professor Mauro Tostes

UFMG opens disciplinary proceedings against Professor Mauro Tostes

In the memo, the UFMG says it “strongly rejects any discriminatory behaviour” (Amanda Dias/BHAZ)

On Wednesday (9), the UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais) reported that it had opened disciplinary administrative proceedings against Professor Mauro Tostes, of the Faculty of Medicine. As a neurosurgeon, he became a target of complaints due to biased comments posted on social media.

In the memo, the UFMG said it “strongly rejects any discriminatory behaviour” and says it is aware of the case involving Professor Mauro. “The College of Medicine also reiterates that the professor’s statements do not represent it to any degree,” reads an excerpt from the statement (see below🇧🇷

Complaints against Mauro Tostis

A page created on Twitter titled Mauro Toast in prisonstates that the doctor, “throughout his years in medicine and education”, would have committed “crimes that go unpunished because their class only treats them”.

on the podium to imagineMore than 80 publications have been collected with comments made by Mauro’s profile. In one, the now-professional professor attacks Federalist Duda Salabert (PDT). “Are you trans? Or dog cross? Or donkey cross people? I don’t understand these things,” he wrote in a post by Duda on Twitter.

In addition to Duda Salabert, other figures known to the general public were also the target of the professor’s comments. “What do you have a plan? Crossword puzzle? Every 4 years you succeed in getting one and consider yourself an intellectual. Poor, it’s Alzheimer’s disease”, wrote in a post by Marina Silva.

Regarding President-elect Lula, the doctor stated that he had cancer. “Necrotic jugular lymph node. Must have had extensive chemotherapy recently,” he tweeted in response to a post.

Also on Twitter, netizens and UFMG students are wondering if Mauro Tostis’ behavior is acceptable, since he is a professor at a public university. This Wednesday, his Twitter account was suspended.

UFMG against human rights violations

In the memo issued today (9), the UFMG also notes that the University Council approved Resolution 09/2016, on May 31, which provides for “violating human rights and eliminating discriminatory acts of any kind, within the scope of the University.”

According to the UFMG, the rule expressly prohibits, among other things, “any prejudice or discrimination against persons, because of their homosexual, gay, bisexual, or presumed gender identity.”

The report sought the doctor and is awaiting his placement. The article will be updated as soon as it appears.

Full note from UFMG:

UFMG posts a note on Twitter about the professor’s case (Reproduction/@facmedicinaufmg/Twitter)
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