February 26, 2024
Ukraine accuses Brazil of sending an observer to legalize Russia's referendum on annexation;  Itamaraty denies |  Globalism

Ukraine accuses Brazil of sending an observer to legalize Russia’s referendum on annexation; Itamaraty denies | Globalism

Government Ukraine Brazil, among seven other countries, was accused of sending observers to legitimize the referendum Russia Organized to annex 15% of Ukrainian territory – the Brazilian Foreign Ministry denied that it had sent an official observer. Understand below what is at stake in the referendum.

In a note dated September 24, the Government of Ukraine stated that it knows the names of the representatives of the following countries who are in the region as observers of the referendum:

  • Brazil;
  • Belarus;
  • Syria;
  • Egypt;
  • Venezuela;
  • Uruguay.
  • Togo
  • South Africa

Referendum: Goga Chakra explains the vote to annex regions of Ukraine to Russia

Referendum: Goga Chakra explains the vote to annex regions of Ukraine to Russia

The Brazilian government denies sending a representative

The State Department states that there is no record of an official representative or observer appointed by the Brazilian government for the referendum.

The Uruguayan government also denied sending a representative to the Ukrainian region to monitor the referendum. According to the BBC, the Uruguayan government said opposition politician Sebastian Hakobian is taking part in the referendum, but on an individual basis.

Since the beginning of the war in February, Russia has managed to occupy areas in eastern and southern Ukraine.

Government Russian President Vladimir Putin He wants to annex these districts, which represent about 15% of the entire territory of Ukraine. To this end, he organized a referendum in which the inhabitants of the regions wanted to be part of Russia – Ukraine and Western countries denounced the vote as a hoax.

Voting began on September 23 and ended on September 27.

Ukraine, which considers the vote a farce, said in a memo on the 24th that referendums in the occupied territories are illegal and said that even the entry of observers into the territories is not legitimate.

“We appeal to foreigners: everyone who dares to surrender to the (Russian) criminals becomes the criminals themselves,” reads the note issued by the Ukrainian government.

The Russian state can act quickly

Russia’s government and legislature can act quickly to seal the results of the referendum.

TASS news agency published a text last week saying that Russia’s legislature may debate a bill on the incorporation of parts of Ukraine as early as Thursday.

Another agency, RIA Novosti, has already said that Putin may be preparing to address a session of parliament on Friday.

The result could pave the way for President Vladimir Putin to annex the four regions, and from there, declare any attempt by Kyiv to retake the region as a declaration of war. In a televised address last week, Putin said he was ready to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia’s “territorial integrity”.

Valentina Matvienko, speaker of the upper house of the Russian parliament, said that if the voting results are favorable, she can consider merging the four regions by October 4.

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