June 24, 2024

Ukraine confirms talks with Tehran on Russia’s use of Iranian drones

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Ukraine confirms talks with Tehran on Russia's use of Iranian drones

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed, on Tuesday, that Kyiv and Tehran had held a dialogue regarding allegations of the use of Iranian drones by Russian forces during the conflict in Ukraine.

a Official spokesman for Ukrainian diplomacyOleg Nikolenko made this announcement in statements to the American station CNN, although he did not provide more details about the practical implications of this dialogue in the future.

“This expert meeting took place. I cannot reveal the details, but I can assure you that The Ukrainian side continues to take the most decisive measures to prevent Russia from using Iranian weapons in the war against UkraineHe confirmed.

Nikolenko noted that Ukraine has informed Iran that the consequences of participation in the conflict on the Russian side will be “Disproportionate” to the benefits that can be derived from cooperation with Ukraine.

The United States says Russia has bought hundreds of drones

Washington condemned Russia’s purchase Hundreds of “drones” on the Iranian market for use in waralthough both the “media” and the Ukrainian authorities have subsequently detailed that most of the parts with which these types of weapons are manufactured are of European and North American manufacture.

The talk of “experts” that Nikolenko referred to comes at a time when he has already asked for Iranian representation in the United Nations Meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart to “evaluate the accusations”.

According to a source from this delegation quoted by CNN, so far “it has happened I took important steps In the dialogue between experts from both countries and will continue to do so to clarify “any misunderstanding on this matter.”

In early November, the head of diplomacy V.I Iran has admitted for the first time that Tehran has supplied drones to Moscowinsisting that the transfer came before Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Previously, Iranian officials have denied Russia is arming the war. against Ukraine.

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