June 23, 2024

Ukraine minister criticizes possible Russian energy ban

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Ukraine minister criticizes possible Russian energy ban

Marchenko believes that this measure will only raise prices and bring revenue to Russia. Proposes import tariff

Ukrainian Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko said that the European ban on Russian energy will lead to a significant increase in oil prices and thus provide revenue for Russia. As an alternative, Marchenko called for tariffs to be imposed on oil and gas imports from Russia.

The blanket ban only gives Russia extra money because I think the price of oil and gas will rise to exorbitant levels.‘, the minister said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal Posted on Saturday (23 April 2022). “That’s why they try to use more complex tools like tax. “

The huh (European Union) and the United States are looking for a way to reduce Russia’s profits from selling goods for Europe.

According to Marchenko’s estimation, the embargo would raise prices so much that Russia could still reap significant revenue from oil and gas sales to other countries.

Marchenko also suggested that the money collected from customs duties be used to support Ukraine in the war.

As long as they agree on something that is best for us, because time is very important to us. Quick decision can help us win this war‘ said the Ukrainian minister.

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