June 14, 2024

Understand how it works and how to protect yourself

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Understand how it works and how to protect yourself

Scammers are carrying out a new scam (Pix multiplier scam), which includes the central bank’s instant payment system, Pix.

In recent days, doubts have grown about the so-called “Pix multiplier”, especially about whether the “tool” really works.

However, the authorities are warning the public that this is a financial scam.

What is the Pix Multiplier trick?

The Pix Multiplier scam is a crime scammers They try to convince someone who needs money to send a certain amount, promising to get it back in multiples of ten.

Thus, by approaching the victims on social networks, providing evidence and pictures of fake bank accounts, the scammers try to convince them that the beating is really taking place.

How does the Pix Multiplier trick work?

In the beginning were the bands Pix multiplier scam app on social media and messaging apps.

In doing so, they approach the victims, report the existence of a so-called Pix Multiplier, and claim that it is a unique opportunity.

So the scammers forwarded a table showing what users can earn in return when they enter the system.

In general, the investment ′′ investment ′′ has an initial value of R$70, which must be sent via Pix, for which the criminals promise to return R$700, i.e. 10 times the initial amount.

In search of one extra moneyMany people believe in scammers who cheat people by receiving the required amount through Pix. However, they don’t return anything, causing huge damage to the victims.

Messages from scammers

In message prints about the Pix Multiplier scam posted on social media, scammers claim that if a victim sends value via Pix, they will get ten times that.

“I work with transfers via Pix directly to your account. Within five to 10 seconds, all amounts are withdrawn from frozen or blocked accounts in third-party names. We accept payments via Pix or lottery deposit.

The scammer says, “Payment via Pix, you will receive within five to 10 seconds max in your account.”

Then the person asked if the transfer was reliable and asked for a guarantee. This is when the scammer claimed he was a Federal Road Police officer.

“I am a policeman, my friend. Do you really think that I will end my career because of this? I make several detours throughout the day. Here you will not be fooled, my friend, “says the criminal.

How to avoid the Pix Multiplier scam?

To avoid falling for new scams, be careful with “magical” ways to make or multiply money, because, unfortunately, criminals take advantage of people’s weaknesses and dreams to carry out their scams.

Therefore, it is extremely important that the contacted person never gives out personal data, bank details, passwords, or sends money to strangers.

Moreover, when performing Online financial transactionsAlways try to link only to official profiles of stores and other organizations, putting safety first.

In short, it is important for people, when faced with such attempts, to report the fake accounts used on social networks by criminals, as well as to seek the appropriate authorities regarding Pix multiplier scam.

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