June 13, 2024

Understand the hype around the launch of Nothing Phone 1

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Entenda o hype sobre o lançamento do Nothing Phone 1

Understand the hype around the launch of Nothing Phone 1

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The launch of Nothing Phone 1 is still a mystery, which has created a strange buzz around the new device. In fact, many fans of the new brand Nothing want to invest a lot of money in the smartphone.

According to website leaks GSMArenathe device in India should cost between 31 thousand rupees (or BRL 2,064), in the version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage; and 36,000 rupees (or 2,397 BRL) in 12GB and 256GB versions, respectively.

However, as pointed out technology radarAfter putting up 100 units of Nothing Phone 1 for auction before launch, some users made it Bids over $3,000 (or R$15,796) for direct access to the device.

What is known about Nothing Phone 1?

There is no new brand founded by Swede Carl Pei. He is known for being the co-founder and former director of Chinese One Plus, including being credited with launching successful smartphones, such as One Plus One, for example.

Nothing Phone 1 is the first smartphone developed by the new brand of Pei, which had already launched a wireless earbud, Nothing Ear 1 (Available to buy here).

At the moment, it is officially known that the smartphone will have a Qualcomm processor, and will run a simple operating system with a minimalist design, no OS, based on Android.

In addition to being simple, the cell phone will have a chassis made of 100% recycled aluminum, and will use more than 50% of its plastic components made from recycled, bio-based or post-consumer materials.

According to the video below – released by Nothing last week – Nothing Phone 1 will have a transparent background featuring light effects with unique patterns, according to the sounds or notifications from the smartphone.

On the other hand, the leaks suggest that the chipset used will be a mid-range Snapdragon 778G+ – rather than Qualcomm’s latest 7th generation chipset. However, revealing this information was not enough to reduce the hype around the device.

The official launch of Nothing Phone 1 is expected to take place on July 12th.

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