June 18, 2024

Unimed-BH announces the commencement of works on a new hospital in Contagem

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Unimed-BH announces the commencement of works on a new hospital in Contagem

The hospital’s new unit will have around 300 beds, a large surgical block, a clinical analysis laboratory and a state-of-the-art imaging centre. Photo: Unimed-BH/Disclosure

The Unimed-BH health unit, on Avenida Babita Camargos, in Contagem (MG), will be expanded into a full-fledged hospital with about 300 beds, adult and pediatric emergency care 24 hours a day, a large surgical complex and all the necessary structures to improve medical care.

The foundation stone will be laid on April 26, and work will begin after that. Expectations indicate that the new hospital will operate partially in the first half of 2026 and fully in the second half of the same year. The investment will be R$350 million, with Unimed-BH’s own resources.

Today the unit has two functions: scheduled appointments and an emergency room with several specialties for emergencies, which include pediatrics, internal medicine, general surgery, and orthopedics. What we are bringing now is a large hospital unit, with a capacity of 300 beds, maintenance of the emergency room, with a new 12-room surgical block, as well as a modern imaging center and clinical analysis laboratory to support this new hospital,” explains Unimed-BH CEO Frederico Perrett.

Of the new hospital’s nearly 300 beds, 240 will be hospitalization beds, 30 for intensive care unit (ICU) and 26 for simpler cases, where patients will be discharged on the same day, such as for surgeries that do not require general anesthesia.

Another novelty of the Contagem Hospital is the architecture, which will facilitate the structure’s accessibility and adaptability in the event of epidemics.

The building will also house sustainable technologies, such as a photovoltaic power plant, solar heating and water reuse.

During three years of work, service in the health unit will not be affected.

We will maintain all emergency services for area residents and scheduled appointments. What was laid off there was already assigned to another unit nearby that we have, in Barreiro. There are few offices, and they have no bearing on anyone looking for emergency care,” reassures the head of Unimed-BH. The cooperative has about 250,000 clients in Contagem.

X-Ray – Unimed Hospital – Contagem Unit

⦁ Building area: 38,000 square meters, consisting of nine floors

The start of the first phase of the works: from April 2023

⦁ Delivery forecast: partial in the first half of 2026 and total in the second half of 2026

Land area: 15 thousand square meters

⦁ Investment: R$350 million (own resources).

Number of beds: There will be about 300 beds, including 240 inpatient beds, 30 ICU beds, 26 day hospital beds, a 24-hour emergency room, a surgical complex with 12 operating rooms, as well as a complex imaging center And talk. and clinical analysis laboratory.

⦁ The new hospital is located on Avenida Babita Camargos, 1695, in a strategic area, close to the main access roads of the city.

Unimed-BH numbers

Despite the difficult scenario for complementary health, which lost R$2.5 billion until the third quarter of 2022, according to the National Agency for Complementary Health (ANS), Unimed-BH has reached impressive numbers in 2022.

The co-op ended the year with over 1.5 million active customers, remaining the leader with a 54% market share in its area of ​​operation.

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