February 26, 2024
Unimed expands operations and announces financial technology, Unimed Pay |  SEGS

Unimed expands operations and announces financial technology, Unimed Pay | SEGS

With an investment of INR 7 million, the venture provides financial services to doctors, cooperatives and service providers for the brand

Unimed Participações, the new business center of the Unimed system, has entered the financial technology market. The company is investing R$7 million in Unimed Pay, a project that aims to provide financial services to 341 Unimeds in the country, which has more than 118 thousand members, 133 thousand employees, 18 million customers and transaction accounts around R$85 billion per year. The model includes the use of solutions such as a real digital wallet, with anticipation of receivables from medical consultations and procedures, care reimbursement, P2P transfers, cashback, POS (machine) functionality, ID card functionality and, in the near future, credit and debit cards, among other features.

In this first phase, which aims to help collaborating physicians, staff and service providers, the company aims to reach 5,000 active digital wallets and 2,500 devices in one year. In the second phase, health plan beneficiaries and brand employees will also be included. Within five years, the estimate is set to reach 80,000 digital accounts within the unified system and 40,000 points of sale.

To make financial technology viable, Unimed Participações has signed a joint venture with Q2 Bank, which will provide technology solutions. The expected net profit is more than 20 million R$ in the next five years.

The project is the result of the holding’s recent investments in innovation and technology. The great advantage of Unimed Pay is its integration with the Unimeds management system, which allows features such as projecting and projecting receivables for care provided by collaborating physicians and service providers. Another advantage is facial biometrics, combined with a POS (the device), which reduces fraud risk and ensures customer safety.

“We have huge potential to create new businesses with financial returns for the Unimed system itself and with facilities for our more than 18 million customers. We are entering this market in a bold and competitive way, with our payment arrangements and the big difference: Unimed system knowledge and experience,” says Adelson Chagas, President of Unimed Participações. in the health sector.

About Unimed Participações

Unimed Participações integrates the business pillar of the Unimed system, positioning itself as a modern center for priority business and complementary to the collaborative ecosystem. The company has a professional structure with the technical ability to detect market opportunities and unmet demands within the scope of the standardized system, which enhances the gains of cooperatives through scale, efficiency and innovation. Today, Unimed Participações has 220 shareholders among its subsidiary companies and cooperatives. Its largest subsidiary is Seguros Unimed, which acts as the financial and insurance arm of Unimeds.