April 13, 2024
US companies start paying employees for abortions;  See the list - Época Negócios

US companies start paying employees for abortions; See the list – Época Negócios

Amazon (Photo: Pixabay)

Amazon is one of the companies that has expanded benefits for employees to have abortions (Image: Pixabay)

In the coming weeks, the United States Supreme Court is expected to overturn a decision, in 1973, that held that The right to an abortion It is protected by the country’s constitution. The trend is detected in project, leaked on Monday (2), including the opinion of the majority of the court on the matter. In view of this, large American companies They have positioned themselves in the subject and are expanding the health benefits offered to their employees.

Brands like Apple, Amazon, Citibank and Levi’s will start Pay the expenses With travel and even including abortion in the list of medical insurance coverage, even outside the states where employees live.

With the Supreme Court’s changing understanding of abortion, each US state will be allowed to finalize its own rules on the subject. Twenty countries are expected to restrict or, in most cases, ban the procedure.

Amazon, for example, said it will add a $4,000 benefit for employees to address health issues outside their cities, whether they are medical or reproductive issues. The Citibank Group is expected to increase health benefits, including coverage for air travel and accommodation, if needed.

+ Donations to abortion clinics and activists surge after US Supreme Court leak

Another brand that has introduced itself is Match Group, owner of the Tinder app, which has set up a fund for employees to access money to pay for abortion expenses. On the other hand, Uber is required to offer rides for customers seeking reproductive care in another state, as well as an obligation to pay fees to drivers who are fined for taking passengers to abortion clinics.

ru vs. valley

Until 1973, most US states considered abortion a crime. But in Texas in 1970, a young woman—the pseudonym Jane Roe—challenged the constitutionality of local legislation, and three years later, the Supreme Court ruled on the legality of abortion nationwide.

As the age of 50 approaches, the topic returns to the center of the judicial debate. According to a document leaked by Politico news agency, the judges are to overturn the current decision and pass the case for discussion between MPs and senators.

Check out the list of companies that have advertised pro-abortion measures:

– amazon
– apple
– City Group
– HP Enterprise
– Levi
– match
Sales force
– Uber

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