February 26, 2024
Use your logical thinking to win

Use your logical thinking to win

Is your logical thinking sharp? If your answer is ‘yes’, then it’s time to test this self-knowledge to see if you got it right. Now if your answer is “no”, how about practicing this capacity With a good game that will entertain and help? We’ve already warned you that the challenge is complex. Think carefully before accepting.

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Just to give you an idea of ​​what awaits you, 99% of netizens can’t solve it a test. If you do well and can point to the answer, this is a sign that you really have this skill well developed, above average. If you’ve come this far and are still ready, it’s time to put your observation to the test.

Logical thinking test

Brain training is very important as the results are felt in the long run. Games and games available for free online help you to practice more and enrich your knowledge.

It’s an easy way to learn and put your mind to work. Ready? Because the suggestion would be as follows: you have to move the matches only in order to create two squares in the picture. seem impossible? calm.

take a look. can you? a a challenge Determining the maximum duration of the task becomes more difficult, because then everything will be much more difficult. So put the stopwatch aside and set the time. Look at the image below and remember that you can only move two toothpicks to create the squares.

I got? amazing! How long did it take to get to the end? If you can solve the test in seconds, you really are Logical thinking Above average because you passed the test. our end!

His strategy was enviable, as few were capable of it.

To solve today’s problem, it is necessary to use toothpicks located inside the larger square. Remember, of course, that a person can move only two of them. The best way is to prioritize the outside parties, right?

I see in Response How it gets easier now: