July 14, 2024

VALORANT developers discuss agent roles

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VALORANT developers discuss agent roles
VALORANT developers discuss agent roles

A new swordsman arrives in Valorant The gaming community rocked this week. Next week, Neon joins four other clients of the same category, being the youngest of them all. However, when new agents are introduced, many wonder if this character necessarily needs to take on the role they have been assigned.

Room, for example, the last client released before Neon, is presented in the game as a Sentinel, however, due to its capabilities, it can perform a different function. With this in mind, the developers of VALORANT have answered some questions regarding the topic.

John Goscicki, Character Producer at VALORANT, shared his thoughts on the current classes of agents and how they might change in the future.

“I think a lot of these categories are in general terms. We’ve always thought about the rules and what the strengths and weaknesses of each character should be. We’ve been constantly trying to push the boundaries of that. I think as the game develops and evolves, we’ll likely go back to a lot of these characters.” We change their identities to other roles or develop their own.”.

VALORANT Designer Ryan Cossart explained how agents fit into the different quadrants, allowing each team to ensure they fit into their specific role. “Guardians and controllers can have a certain similarity and live in a small quarter, using smoke and similar resources to control certain areas on the map. On the other hand, duelists and initiates are obligated to create clear windows for the capitals, to gain space or to carry out X and Y”.

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