March 1, 2024

Valve removes $130,000 worth of AWP Dragon Lore from collectors’ inventory | 5 . draft

The valve deleted one AWP | Dragon Traditions Whole inventory. The information was brought through the portal He is still on day 22. According to the report, this action was taken due to the origin of the cosmetic.

At that time, the hacker who took control of the account worth more than 10 million Brazilian riyals sold a large part of the skins of Chinese collectors on the most diverse digital marketplaces working with the Counter-Strike subsidiary.

In the souvenir copy, Dragon Lore was valued at $130,000 |  Photo: Clone / ValveIn the souvenir copy, Dragon Lore was valued at $130,000 | Photo: Clone / Valve

Since then, the valve She worked tirelessly to mitigate the damage caused by the accident, and to completely return all the stolen items.”HFB“By copying it, and then deleting the ones that belonged to him that were circulated illegally.

booth‘, by the way, I even tried to hide a file AWP | Dragon Traditionsvalued at more than $130,000 — roughly 680,000 R$, at current price — in a container, given that he knew of the item’s origin, but it didn’t work.

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Despite this, the user was able to recover this amount by contacting the store where he purchased it. Chase valveHowever, it continues, given the countless other stickers and skins of stolen value.