May 28, 2023

Vanessa Carvalho, who is supposed to be the focus of Gustavo and Key’s breakup, says she suffers from the threats

Famous Observatory

Posted on 06/04/2023 22:17

(Credit: Play/Instagram-Netflix)

Former co-star of the Netflix reality show “Casamento à Cegas” Vanessa Carvalho has revealed that she is receiving death threats from Key Alves fans.

It all started after rumors that she would be the focus of separation between Gustavo and the volleyball player. The speculations only started because they liked each other’s photos on social media.

She has already denied having any kind of relationship with Gustavo, but has said that despite this she continues to receive threats, and that she will take legal action with anyone who persists.

On Thursday (6), an audio recording of Key’s manager talking about the breakup between her and Gustavo was leaked.

the post She is appointed as the focus of Gustavo and Key’s class, and says she suffers from threats It was first published in Famous Observatory.

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