February 25, 2024
Vasco partners agree to amendments to the statute to allow the formation of the Sudanese armed forces |  Vasco

Vasco partners agree to amendments to the statute to allow the formation of the Sudanese armed forces | Vasco

partners Vasco He approved, in the General Assembly, on Saturday, the legal amendment allowing the constitution of the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol. In hybrid elections, 77% of affiliates were in favor of change. The vote had nothing to do with the proposal from the American group 777 Partners, which is interested in acquiring 70% of football in Vasco.

Vasco approved the constitution of the Sudanese Armed Forces in the Statute – Photo: Marcelo Baltar

It was a huge vote. The number of partners who participated was greater than in the last presidential election, for example, when Jorge Salgado was elected – Saturday’s total was 4210 versus 3054 in November 2020. The result was also a kind of thermometer for the next vote.

Most of them voted by default, but it was possible to participate in person at Calapucho’s headquarters, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. Of the 5,889 members entitled to vote of legal age, 4210 voted. The result was as follows:

  • Yes: 3,260 votes (77.44%)
  • No: 925 votes (21.97%)
  • Abstaining: 25 votes (0.59%)

Voting at AGE in Vasco was smooth – Photo: Marcelo Baltar

Of the total votes, 271 people (computers at headquarters) were counted. Online voting was chosen by 3,939 people.

A group of 20 members, linked to the opposition, including Sergio Frias, a candidate in the last presidential election, tried to abolish the legal age. At about 9 pm, he lodged a formal protest with the board of directors, alleging that there were irregularities in the voter list and a lack of respect for the law because the voting took place online. The request was not accepted.

With the change of platform, and Vasco A final proposal is now awaiting from 777 Partners. The parties are amending the last details of the contract, and the binding offer is expected to arrive by the second half of May.

When submitted, Proposal 777 will go to the Board of Deliberation for a vote and, if approved, another AGE of the partners will be called to determine the final football sale. The Board of Directors expects this process to be completed by the end of next June.

Accompanied by President Jorge Salgado Age – Photograph: Marcelo Baltar

Hassle Free Voting

In spite of AGE they run the risk that this won’t happendue to an injunction from the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro issued on Friday at the request of a colleague – The club managed to bring her down in the early hours of the morning – Voted without major problems.

The majority of partners voted in practice. The responsible company made its contacts available in case the member encountered any difficulties.

At the Calapucho headquarters, the elections took place peacefully. It was attended by President Jorge Salgado, as well as some club deputies.

Former club president candidate and opposition leader Levin Ciano attended the voting venue. Leonardo Rodriguez, the former legal vice president, complained about the lack of a ballot paper in the vote. In addition, she drafted a formal protest before the board of directors about the security of electronic voting and the impossibility of some members voting because there is no cell phone or email registered with the club. It was also rejected.

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