June 7, 2023
Vasco regrets the protest organized at the airport: "We will not condone intimidation" |  Vasco

Vasco regrets the protest organized at the airport: “We will not condone intimidation” | Vasco

On Thursday, an organized crowd was present in Galeão, with players, technical committee members and managers traveling to Santa Catarina – the team from Rio de Janeiro face Chapecoense at Arena Condá, Friday night, for Série B and the main target was coach Ze Ricardo and CEO Carlos Brazil .

Carlos Brasil was the target of a protest at the airport – Photo: clone

The demonstrations did not witness attacks. However, those present said they did not agree with the work the coach and manager had done.

With two draws in the first two rounds of the Second Division, it was Vasco He enters the field under pressure on Friday, 21:30, against Chapecoense, at the Arena Conda. It ranks tenth with two points. The week was full of meetings and groups at the club.

Regatta Club Vasco Da Gama regrets what happened at Galeao Airport, last Thursday (21/04), while his delegation was leaving for Chapeco.

The fans’ desire to see a stronger and stronger team is understandable, which has always been our hallmark throughout our beautiful history. However, we will not condone intimidation and aggressive attitudes against people in their profession.

We renew our commitment to follow the side of our fans, as ever, to save the greatness of Vasco. In an orderly and respectful manner with the organization and people.

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