June 28, 2022
Vasco wins confidence away from home and keeps his dream of reaching Series B alive - 10/03/2021

Vasco wins confidence away from home and keeps his dream of reaching Series B alive – 10/03/2021

With different offers every time, the Basque Beat Confianca 2-1 on Sunday night (3). The very important victory was the third in a row in this Brazilian Series B, which is an unprecedented achievement for the team that continues its struggle to enter the G4 Championship. The goals were scored by Cano and Ricardo Graca by the visitors and Nerelli with the home owners.

Still undefeated with Fernando Diniz (now there are three wins and two draws), Vasco rises to 43 points, climbed to sixth and five points behind Goias, and currently sits fourth. On the other hand, Confianca saw the best streak in the tournament break. After five matches without a loss, the team suffers a setback and follows it with 22 points, in the penultimate position in the table. In the next round, teams will play on the field on Saturday only (9). Sergipe residents visit Vitoria in Salvador, while Cariocas takes Sampaio Correia in São Luis.

Who did well: shocks Denise in the locker room

Vasco went through two very different times at Arena Batistao. In the first, he made only once, away, and in the 39th minute. After the break the team came back with a different position and had a good entry from Gabriel Beck who participated in both goals.

Do I play indoors or outdoors?

The match was at Confiança’s house, but many Vasco fans attended. The reception upon the team’s arrival in Aracaju was an indication that Vasco’s team would find a way to attend the match. Even without the team jersey, many fans went to Arena Batistão and celebrated the goals of the Rio team.

Vasco owns but does not produce

Superiority in possession was one of the few stats Vasco had better than Konvyanka in the first half. But none of this was converted into creating or playing an offensive. Nene, Zika and Riquelme barely met on the left side. Disorganized in offensive operations, Vasco first arrived only in the 39th minute, in a dangerous deviation for Morato. The team was slow to move and very predictable, and it was worse on the field.

Trust threatens more and complains of punishment

For a team whose strategy was to play on the opponent’s fault, Confiança was clearly better in the initial phase, more aggressive and had at least two good plays. One of the important names was the striker Italo, who participated in the best moves. At the start of the second half, the VAR called up Rafael close to review a possible penalty by Castan on Alvaro, but the referee kept his field decision and ordered the match to continue.

Pete leaves the bank and decides to buy Vasco

Fernando Diniz managed to mess with Vasco’s team in the first half. Despite a potential Konvienka penalty at the start of the final stage, Rio’s team came back better and with another twist. In addition to the position, another important change was the entry of Gabriel Beck, who participated in both goals. First, he makes a move for Nenê to find Cano within the area. The Argentine turned on the defender and kicked hard to open the scoring. Three minutes later, again on the left side, Pec’s pass to Ricardo Graça appears at the far post and increases the comfort of the Vasco fan.

Vanderlei fails and puts the opponent back in the game

Vasco’s two goals caught Konvianca by surprise and gave the calm Fernando Diniz’s side needed to manage the win. When goalkeeper Rafael Santos climbed into the midfield and couldn’t kill the play as he would have liked, Morato attempted a long shot and almost made the third. But it was Vanderley who did it so badly when he let go. The goalkeeper was unable to cut the left corner from the left flank and Nerli scored Konvyanka’s goal, setting fire to the match. He had more feelings in the final minutes, Vasco had other concerns, but he managed to hold on to the defense to secure the three points. 2 to 1 end result.

Thiqah 1 x 2 Vasco

reason: Round 28 of the Brazilian Series B
date/time: 10/03/2021 at 6:15 PM
Sweetened: Arena Batistão, in Aracaju (SE)
Rule: Raphael Claus (SP)
Auxiliaries: Daniel Paolo Zioli (SP) and Fabrini Bevilacqua Costa (SP)
where: Marcio Henrique de Goes (SP)

Objectives: tube, 15’2ºT (0-1); Ricardo Grassa, 18’2ºT (0-2); Nearly, 33’2ºT (1-2)
yellow cards: Rafael Villa (CON); Riquelme, Ricardo Graça (VAS)
red card: I did not have.

trust: Rafael Santos, Jonathan Bukau (Geddelson), Nerelli, Adalberto, Joao Paulo; Madison and Jimerson (Neto Perola), Alvaro and Rafael Villa (Willians Santana); Italo (Hernan) and Luhan (Robinho). idiomatic: Luisinho Lopez.

Basque: Vanderley. Leo Matos (Gabriel Peck), Leandro Castan, Ricardo Graça and Riquelme (Walber); Bruno Gomez, Zika; Marquinhos Gabriel (Srafiori), Morato (Romolo) and Nene; Kano (Daniel Amorim). idiomatic: Fernando Deniz.