February 20, 2024

Verstappen dominates FP3 as it rains in Canada. Sainz crash – Formula 1 news

Max Verstappen Completely left in the rainy fp3 of Canadian Grand Prix. This Saturday (17), the Dutchman hit 1min 23sec 106, putting 0s291 ahead Charles Locklear And over 1s3 across the rest of the peloton, complete dominance.

Fernando Alonso He was better than the others, and third, 1s377 over Verstappen’s time. came here Kevin Magnussen, in the room with Carlos Sainzwhich hit hard in the final inning, finished in the fifth.

Pierre Gasly, Lance Stroll, Yuki Tsunoda that it Valtteri Bottas Complete the session afterwards, with Lewis Hamilton In the tenth, nearly 2s behind the leader Red Bullin Mercedes who suffered greatly. George Russell, In the fifteenth and Sergio Perez, On the 17th, they were two of the most disappointing in the activity that opened on Saturday at Montreal. The Mexican took 2s7 from his teammate.

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Max Verstappen driving the FP3 in Canada (Photo: AFP)

Find out how the Canadian Race’s FP3 went:

With the track completely wet and the whole team testing the limits with heavy rain tires, the FP3 started immediately at 13:30 (in Brasilia). Haas opened the works in 1 minute 33 seconds, but too soon Fernando Alonso And mainly, Esteban Acon slayed the brand. The Frenchman converted in 1 minute 31 seconds.

With 8 minutes left in the session, Alonso decided to fit the intermediate tyres. The track looked very wet and visibility was basically poor, but the Spaniard was fast, at least in the first sector. On Ocon Radio, the info: trend of more rain in a few minutes.

In the sequence, Yuki Tsunoda and Nico Hülkenberg took the top positions on the list, finally breaking the 1min31s barrier. Max Verstappen accompanied the duo, while almost half of the grid put the mids to play.

Yuki Tsunoda’s slip was the hallmark of FP3 (Photo: AFP)

Ocon, Sergio Pérez and Pierre Gasly also cut time, but Verstappen finished the fun: 1min29s190, putting more than 0s8 on top of Gasly. Then Charles Leclerc of the Intermediates came second.

With only 15 minutes of FP3, it was already evident that it was an average case. It’s just that Alonso was already riding around 1min 27sec, with Valtteri Bottas second, with the same tires, Tsunoda, in turn, running on a very wet tire and riding an intermediate. Miraculously, both of them did not happen.

By the time the rain looked bothered, Carlos Sainz jumped ahead with a lead of 1 minute, 27 seconds, 245 minutes. Then Leclerc took the lead, with 1min26s7. When the rain comes and goes, the best FP3 time can come out at any moment.

Nico Hulkenberg was having a moment on a wet road (Photo: AFP)

Verstappen was there again complaining about low gears, while Ferrari was going on the wet rally: 1min 25sec for Leclerc, 0s4 Sainz came and Hülkenberg, a specialist in such conditions, followed him.

The track left with much less water than before, although it still rained, in a very mild manner. Of course, such were the times. Halfway through the session, Verstappen led the way with 1 minute 24 seconds, followed by Sainz and Leclerc. Perez was well ahead, 1s5 behind, but finished fourth.

At the time, Sainz remembered that he’s usually fast in the rain, yes, but he misses a lot. He slid, lost the car, and drove the No. 55 Ferrari into the wall. Destruction there, an obvious red flag.

Carlos Sainz rammed the car hard into the wall (Photo: Clone / F1)

The process resumed with 23 minutes to go and the tires were still medium. Hamilton followed what Perez had just done and cut corners at Turn 1. At least he didn’t crash like Sainz did.

Verstappen actually improved his time and turned 1min23s779, simply putting 1s on Sainz and Leclerc. Then came Alonso, Albon, Russell, Bottas, Bystri, Tsunoda and Magnussen. Max then did 1min 23sec 154min, 1sec 611 faster than Sainz. slug.

Leclerc at least thought it was a nice lap and took the distance to Verstappen to 0s291. Alonso and Magnussen were some of the others who overtook Sainz, but were still far from the leader. The rain intensified in sector 3.

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F1 2023 Canada Montreal Stage 8 FP3 Final result:

1 M Verstappen Red Bull RBPT 1:23,106
two C Leclerc Ferrari 1:23397 +0.291.0000
3 pale Aston Martin Mercedes 1:24483 +1,377
4 K MAGNUSSEN Haas Ferrari 1:24,715 +1609
5 C signs Ferrari 1:24,765 +1,659
6 P flirtatious Alps 1:24,825 +1,719
7 L STROLL Aston Martin Mercedes 1:24,944 +1,838
8 Y Tsunoda AlphaTauri RBPT 1:24955 +1,849
9 V shoes Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1:24,988 +1,882
10 Hamilton Mercedes 1:25,087 +1,981
11 N Hulkenberg Haas Ferrari 1:25140 +2,034
12 pastry McLaren Mercedes 1:25191 +2,085
13 Norris McLaren Mercedes 1:25,198 +2,092
14 Albon Williams Mercedes 1:25,379 +2,273
15 J Russell Mercedes 1:25435 +2329
16 n from Varese AlphaTauri RBPT 1:25,725 +2,619
17 S Perez Red Bull RBPT 1:25857 +2,751
18 GZHOU Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1:26750 +3,644
19 and okon Alps 1:26,840 +3,734
20 big lam Williams Mercedes 1:27,279 +4173

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