March 4, 2024
Victor Pecoraro's daughter revolts against her father and tries to throw his clothes in the trash TV News

Victor Pecoraro’s daughter revolts against her father and tries to throw his clothes in the trash TV News

The eldest daughter of Victor Pecoraro – 12-year-old Sofia – revolts against her father after learning of her husband’s infidelity. Actor with Ryan Moraes. The girl even tried to throw his clothes in the trash, but the beloved’s mother and his ex-wife stopped her, Renata Muller. The influencer, who has another daughter with the artist, revealed that she is “very shivering”.

“My eldest daughter had seen some stories and pictures and she was so angry, trembling and exhausted. She even took a trash bag that was in her drawer, went to her room and started putting all of his clothes on — a lot of them are still here. I’m going to throw it away,” Renata said on her Instagram. I will give it to you for donation.

And the girl’s mother, still in her teens, decided to intervene. “I said ‘No.’ The younger ones are also going through a very sensitive period with everything. She cries a lot, she gets very nervous. But she didn’t see any of that,” he said.

Sophia’s sister is 6-year-old Rebekah. Renata said she tried to keep it in regards to Pekoraro’s betrayal scandalbut it is difficult because the audience continues to send messages and publications on the topic.

asked the influencer, who refuted Pecoraro’s argument that he and Renata were no longer together when she got engaged to Ryan.

Renata also asked her followers not to insult or want to harm others. She did not say, however, who she was talking about.

I ask you not to refute or curse people… Each one gives what he has. If one wants to scoff, to gloat, if he thinks it is wonderful not to sympathize with others, to be emotionally responsible and not to think about anyone, it is fine, everyone has his gift from God and my daughters.

understand the situation

Pecoraro and Rayanne had gotten involved while filming The Delivery, when the former A Fazenda was still married to Renata. At that time, the actor was still living with the influencer.

Later, after the news of the relationship became public, he assumed that he was going to cheat on his ex-wife, but came back, explaining that the involvement occurred after the separation. Renata replied and He said he had evidence of the actor’s betrayal. The two were together for 13 years.