June 14, 2024

Video: A man’s body was found surrounded by 125 snakes | world news | Online Diary

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Video: A man's body was found surrounded by 125 snakes |  world news |  Online Diary

The strange case of a middle-aged man who died inside his house, mysteriously, surrounded by 125 snakes, among them highly venomous. The story, which caused grief to the victim’s neighbors, aroused the interest of the authorities in the state of Maryland, in the United States.

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The case occurred last Thursday (20) when the police were called by one of the victim’s neighbors who was surprised not to see him for more than a day. He decided to go home and saw him lying on the ground.

At the scene, the rescue teams found the death of the owner of the house, but they were surprised by the amount of snakes surrounding the place, and the authorities were stunned: 125 animals living scattered in aquariums around the house, among the species were very high. Poisonous, like mamba. – Lions and rattlesnakes.

The body of the American “collector” was sent to the Baltimore Medical Institute, where it will be autopsied.

According to local animal control officials who were responsible for isolating the snakes, some reptiles found in captivity cannot even be kept under state laws.

“Our chief of animal control said that in his 30-plus years of experience, he’s never encountered this kind of thing before,” Jennifer Harris, a spokeswoman for Charles County Animal Control, said in an interview.

“I want to reassure the community that none of the snakes escaped during captivity. I know the people who live in the area are concerned that they are in danger, but we have made sure that all snakes are rescued safely after your death.”

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