July 22, 2024

Video: A monkey kidnaps a dog to feed it in India

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Video: A monkey kidnaps a dog to feed it in India
Video: A monkey kidnaps a dog to feed it in India

A monkey steals a puppy in a crowded place in India photo: clone/twitter

A curious fact happened in Jaipur, India: Monkey was caught “stealing” a dog in broad daylight on Saturday (18). The episode left the passers-by who witnessed the scene completely bewildered, and surely the dog’s owner must not have been happy at all, after all, this wouldn’t be the first time that monkeys had stolen a pet to eat in the area.

In the record, it is possible to see the monkey picking up a black and white puppy. After that, he stopped and looked at the people in the street and, as if nothing bothered him, continued his journey through the rooftops. The puppy even tried to free itself, but could not..

Watch the video:

Jaipur is famous for the large number of monkeys that are released all over the city. One of the local Hindu temples was even called Tempo do Macaco. According to a New York Post report, the city has been known for the presence of animals, but it is common for travel websites to warn tourists of the high possibility of robbery by monkeys. Among the most common items that animals steal are cell phones, cameras, and wallets.

However, during the 2019 pandemic, the monkeys were becoming more aggressive due to the lack of food. It is still suspected that in 2021, Monkeys from a tribe killed nearly 250 dogs for food in the state of Maharashtra, near Jaipur..

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