February 27, 2024

Video: Skier’s private films falling into an ice hole in France | world

The skier depicts his fall into the crater

A French skier filmed his fall into an open ditch at the ski resort. survived the fall.

The man descended on a ski resort in the French Alps with a portable camera attached to his helmet. The pictures show that the crater appears suddenly (See the video above). He quickly tries to elude him but fails, and he falls into the hole.

The camera then shows the speed of the fall and the skater’s attempt to stop it. After a few seconds, it is He manages to block one of his skis on an icy boulder.

A skier films his fall into an ice hole in France – Image: Reproduction

Recording is then stopped at this point, however The figure skaters’ association of which he is a member said the man, who was not identified, was rescued by teammates moments later and is doing well..

The case took place in the ski resort of La Grave. The group said it released the images to draw attention to the need for skiers, amateurs or professionals, to always be well-equipped..

“Fortunately, we were all well equipped (with a probe, shovel, ice axe, grapples, ice screw and rope), and our friend was able to go out on his own until we arrived to carry him and help him completely,” he told the group. “Even knowing La Grave, you might be surprised. In the video, you can see that the crack appears only at the last moment.”