June 24, 2024

Virginia and Resende settle in court. See how much you will pay

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Virginia and Resende settle in court.  See how much you will pay

The million dollar battle between YouTuber Pedro Rezende and digital influencer is over Virginia Fonseca Since the beginning of the year. But, unlike what is being circulated on the web, influencers entered into an agreement so that, finally, they could go on with their lives without the professional bond that united them.

The court battle began earlier this year and took place after the influencer terminated her contract with ADR, the professional management company of her ex-boyfriend, following the two men’s professional separation. Virginia, meanwhile, has filed a labor suit against Rezende demanding that the severance penalty be rescinded for leaving the company prematurely, as well as a request to receive its labor rights, such as furloughs, severance pay, and FGTS. and others.

YouTubers came to a consensus, and by mutual agreement, it was decided that Virginia would pay Rezende R$2 million rather than R$4 million he had previously requested.

Virginia initially attempted to settle with the ADR, but the company declined the offer and decided to file this lawsuit against it, demanding the fine for breach of contract in full, without deductions. The full amount was 4 million Brazilian Real.

According to sources in the column, the agreement also provides for the silence of the two parties, who cannot speak about the matter publicly or disclose any information related to the court’s decision.

sought, the influencer’s advisor declined to comment on the matter.

As reported in the column, Virginia began her career working for Rezende’s influencer marketing agency, ADR, but decided to pursue a new professional path.

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