June 24, 2024

Vitor Cicaroli criticizes Sylvinho’s choices and players’ attitude in defeating Corinthians

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Vitor Cicaroli criticizes Sylvinho's choices and players' attitude in defeating Corinthians

Corinthians saw their undefeated ten-game streak fall last Saturday. outside the house, The team lost to Sport 1-0 in the Brazilian Championship. In addition to the setback, the team’s performance has been the target of crowd criticism. Journalist Vitor Cicaroli, one of those responsible for Twitch Act My TimonHe commented on the error that occurred in the match and questioned the decisions taken by coach Sylvinho before and during the match.

“I’m going to criticize Sylvinho. He was wrong to change the strategy of this game, he was wrong to put Joe and not Edson. In my opinion, Edson should have gone. I understand Joe had a good second half against Edson. Bahia, he scored, but he catches the movement of the team.” He was wrong with the lineup,” Chicaroli said on the programme. faithful tail, Act My Timon, on this Monday.

“It took a long time to move, everyone watched what was happening in 15 minutes. Corinthians were stuck, had no idea, had no creativity. Why not change between halves? Why wait 25 minutes into the second half to change the team weren’t progressing. Anything? When it’s a compliment, let’s come here and compliment. But help me there too. It annoyed me. About the substitutions, I thought it was ok. Renato Augusto. It worked lately. He put the team ahead.. They were offensive substitutions but late “.

Despite criticism of the coach, Chicaroli criticized the attitude of some players on the field. The lack of intensity of some athletes and the individual error of others was a significant factor in Timão’s low performance.

“But we have to share the blame for the performance. It wasn’t just Sylvinho’s toe. Players came in without a footprint, Luan got in on a metric pass, and a lot of players who don’t concede stupid failures,” Róger Guedes told the journalist.

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