February 8, 2023
Wanessa Camargo's ex-husband explains the details of the divorce and reveals the shock TV news

Wanessa Camargo’s ex-husband explains the details of the divorce and reveals the shock TV news

Vanessa Camargo finished the 17 Years Affair with Marcus Boyes And shortly thereafter, she resumed her previous relationship with the actor Pinwheel data🇧🇷 After the divorce, businessman Capixaba dealt with childhood trauma. Inspired by the situation, Boyce detailed how he got over the breakup with the singer.

On Wednesday (14), Poise is interviewed by writer Pedro Permoy. During the conversation, the investor recalled his childhood when he had to deal with his parents’ breakup. “To see how much it means to me, I had a phoenix painted on my back,” he revealed.

He continued, “I felt great pain from the separation of my parents. The son does not want father and mother to be separated. We have to understand the happiness of children.” The relationship between Boise and Inessa resulted in two heirs: Jose Marcos, aged ten, and Joao Francisco, aged eight.

“I always say this to José and João: ‘And Inessa deserves to be as happy as I deserve her,'” he said. “The pain I suffered because of the separation of my parents, parting made me heal.”

According to the businessman, he wants to help many people. “This is something I want to talk about, write about. It will definitely be very special.”

Buaiz has joint custody of the children with Wanessa. He said that after parting, he entered a moment of devotion to the children. The businessman positively assessed the current relationship with José and Joao: “I have never had such a good relationship with them.”

The businessman considered that 2022 was one of the “most difficult years” of his life. Despite the obstacles, reflections during this period were important for personal healing. He added, “It was very important to save Marcus with him, with myself. There were times when we didn’t talk and we didn’t prioritize it.”

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