May 31, 2023

Want to beat someone with Pix? See how Pixtinder works!

Currently, speed is a very important value by society, since the faster a process is, the better it is rated. An example of this is the success of the instant payment tool Pix, developed by the Central Bank, which has already reached a usage rate of 71% among Brazilians.

However, there is a recent novelty known as “pixtinderIt is gaining importance on various digital platforms.

This feature consists of the union of the pay-as-you-go platform Pix with the widely used relationship app around the world, Tinder. This new joke caused huge repercussions and generated numerous flirts on the Internet.

If you haven’t heard about this news yet, but are interested in learning more about it, keep reading to understand how it works!

Photo: ClickNews/Reproduce

What is Pixtinder and how does it work?

Although it may seem like an unusual idea, Pixtinder has proven to be very popular on some social networks, generating flirtations and, in some cases, even extra income. But how exactly does it work?

Apparently, people share their Pix keys across platforms, allowing others to make a direct money transfer to their bank account. In other words: an unconventional way to get a financial “contribution”.

However, that’s not all. In addition to sharing a Pix key, people also display a table of different values ​​on their profiles, so that a suitor can make a transfer according to his level of interest.

From there, a conversation can start between individuals over social media, with Tinder being one of the most popular places to share a Pix key.

How did this idea come about?

The fallout around Pixtinder all started with a woman who wanted to apologize to her ex-boyfriend, who blocked her after cheating.

Unable to connect any other way, she gets the idea to use the payment identification move Pix to send messages to her ex. In this way, she made several transfers of values ​​so that he could access the letters of apology.