March 22, 2023
Warning!  If you want to roast meat in an air fryer, you are at risk of exploding.

Warning! If you want to roast meat in an air fryer, you are at risk of exploding.

with the electric fryer It is possible to make practical, tasty and healthy recipes. For this reason, it is on the list of best-selling household appliances. Since this is an innovative product, more and more recipes are being tested in the pan.

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One such recipe that we often found on many websites and cooking portals is Barbecue Charcoal made in an air fryer. But is roasting meat in an electric fryer safe? Let’s see what the experts say.

Is roasting meat in an air fryer safe?

Making meat in an air fryer is very easy, just season the pieces and put them in the oven for the time you specify, controlling them until cooked. easy no?
Some people put burning coals while cooking meat. As they say, the meat is crunchy and has a traditional barbecue flavour.

The problem with this is that coal is rich in carbon, an element that acts as a conductor of electricity. When placed in the air fryer, there is a high risk that the air fryer ventilation system may cause sparks from fire or coal dust to reach the electrical parts of the motor. This may cause a short circuit, resulting in a fire in the equipment.

In addition to the risk of fire, placing charcoal in an air fryer hampers the operation of the machine, causing damage to the non-stick materials and plastic surfaces of the machine.

Damage from roasting meat in an air fryer can also void the warranty, so this is not specified by the manufacturers. The best way to roast meat with an electric fryer is to choose the cut you prefer, add coarse salt and bake for at least 30 minutes.