June 14, 2024

Was Roger Geddes FIFA’s Staff For Release? We checked!

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Was Roger Geddes FIFA's Staff For Release?  We checked!

On Friday, a link to an alleged press publication circulated on a Chinese website, which stated that Roger Geddes had contacted FIFA With the request to terminate the contract with Shandong Taishan. Information that Corinthians fans enthusiastically echoed, don’t continue.

NS My Timon Came in contact with people associated with the player and these denied the news. According to the investigation, the striker received updated salaries in China, a fact that prevents the possibility of operating the largest football entity to solve the case.

FIFA regulations specify that an athlete can appeal to the entity after two months of overdue wages, to request justice assistance in the process of releasing the debtor club.

Roger Geddes is in São Paulo, where he is trying to push the termination process forward. So far, however, there has been no significant progress in talks with Shandong. Corinth, in turn, remains optimistic about the negotiations, but is still pending He has no intention of “buying Chinese debt” with the player. Not a part, let alone the whole.

This week, Roger Geddes was publicly discussed at Club Parque São Jorge. President Dulio Montero Alves Comment behind the scenes of the negotiations Left-back Fabio Santos Talk about his friendly relationship with the striker.

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