February 27, 2024
Watch the last episode at Marcos Palmera's house

Watch the last episode at Marcos Palmera’s house

The cast of “Pantanal” (TV Globo) gathered tonight at the home of Marcos Palmera, who plays Jose Leoncio in the 9 o’clock plot, to watch the final chapter of a novel.

At the meeting, the actors and actresses were in front of the TV to watch the last scenes of the plot that has been a hit over the past few months. It is possible to see Alanis Jilin (Friday), Aline Borges (Zoleca), Dera Paes (Philo), Isabel Teixeira (Maria Broca), and Paula Barbosa (Ziva).

“Guys, we will go together to watch the final chapter of“ Pantanal ” said Paula. Besides the actress, Valeria Toth, who is responsible for characterizing the characters, was also in the car on the way to the actor’s house. “Lots of feelings,” said Valeria. Joy and sadness at the same time!”

Over the past few tapings, the actors have gathered several times to bid farewell to the team that was formed to remake the series.

Who is also linked in the last chapter is Rafa Calleman and Jose Loreto. The digital influencer posted a video in which she appeared questioning the actor’s details in the last chapter of the series.

“Why didn’t Tadeu sprint the horse yesterday? Will he win the silver saddle? Will he meet Velho do Rio? Will Zé Leôncio survive or become Velho do Rio, just as the Internet said?” “Half an hour to go [para a exibição], does not cost anything. “It looks like the World Cup final,” she added.

“Because a horse is not an accelerating car,” the actor said.

Then Rafa mentioned that it was not the first time that she was unable to extract information from her boyfriend. He wrote, “I asked him all about the series, and gave a little spoiler with 30 minutes left on the last day of the series.”