February 29, 2024

What Cruzeiro’s Henrique Dorado said about the fight with Bruno Rodriguez – Rádio Itatiaia

Cruzeiro’s defeat by Fluminense, 2-0, on Wednesday (10), in Mineirao, in Belo Horizonte, was marked by the fight between Bruno Rodriguez and Henrique Dorado, who argued to see who would take the penalty in favor of the heavenly team – Bruno missed twice.

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Henrique Dourado offered his version of the discussion. Everyone wanted to help the team, the striker said, and therefore they wanted to charge.

“These are the conditions of the game. Everyone wants to help Cruzeiro. The institution is bigger than any athlete. There, at the time, we end up having this conversation, this discussion there. Everyone wants to help. It’s football. Now let’s go into the locker room, and talk.” “So we can come and think about the next game. We’ll get the three points in the next game,” he said.

Henrique Dourado stated that the players were confident hitting. He claims that this situation will be settled behind the scenes at the club.

“At the moment, Bruno was also confident. We ended up having this… to see who takes the penalty. That will be something we will work out for sure. It’s the stuff of football. Everyone wanted to help at the time. Let’s forget it.” This match and we are thinking about the next commitment,” he added.

understand the confusion

Bruno Rodriguez grabbed the ball to beat the penalty kick, but Dorado got upset and tried to take the penalty kick, with his right to push and insults.

The move came in the 30th minute of the second half, after a penalty kick was taken by Tricolor defender Manuel. Since the arbitration date was set, the attackers began to argue for the penalty kick, and Henrique Dorado got excited, with the right to exchange payments.

Defender Luciano Castañ and other Cruisers defensemen even tried to break up the fumble. After a tense moment, Bruno Rodriguez shot the first time, but goalkeeper Fabio parried it into the right corner. However, the show was canceled after #1 flu went ahead.

On repeating the charge, Henrique Dourado tried to take the ball harder and beat the penalty kick. Bruno Rodriguez kept his position and, even with shoving, shoving and insults “from the ear” on the part of his partner, again went into the penalty area.

In the second over, Bruno Rodriguez hit the ball wide, after a deflection off Fabio’s left post. After the new mistake, the owner of No. 9 Celeste cried. Defender Nino and right-back Goga, both from Fluminense, rested their rivals.

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