February 27, 2024
What does BB say about the Auxílio Brasil shipment?

What does BB say about the Auxílio Brasil shipment?

Salary loan from Auxílio Brasil and BPC approved, to see if Banco do Brasil will offer

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According to Fausto Ribeiro, President of Bank of Brazil (BB), the Foundation, along with Federal Savings Bankanalyzes the terms, conditions and risks of a potential offer for loan Addressed to recipients of Brazilian aid. He also stated that he would have a technical position on the matter and that there was no request for the bank to do so credit.

“We are looking at alternatives, and if we think we should go in, with satisfactory risk conditions, we will definitely go in,” the BB chief said while presenting the bank’s second-quarter results.

BPC payroll

The BB chief also said that BPC recipients will have access to the credit sent at the foundation. Ribeiro was present at the meeting between President Jair Bolsonaro and the Brazilian Confederation Banks (February), last Monday (8). The CEO made an appeal to banks to reduce payroll cut rates, especially to the public benefiting from BPC.

The president asked all banks to look at this audience and take into account the vulnerability of these people. This is part of our analysis and saving (salary loan) has to fit in people’s pockets to make sense and go back to our shareholders. “This is a situation that will be taken into account,” Ribeiro said.

Big banks will not offer

Large private banks such as BradescoItaú, Santander, nubank And the BMG Payroll loans will not be provided. This is because most institutions consider the process to be high risk for both the bank and the customer. Since there is no predetermined cap on interest, the government must pay the Auxílio Brasil fee of R$600.00 until December of this year.

According to Bradesco’s president, Octavio de Lazzari, the feature is being offered to people with financial hardship. That is, in the case of weakness, and therefore the bank decided not to provide this type of credit. Because, with rising interest rates and defaults, Bradesco has revised its credit models and made franchise standards much stricter in the current scenario.


Banks have seen an increase in delinquency in the first half, and with interest rates rising, that should continue into the second half of this year. Thus, at BB, the default rate of individuals increased in the last quarter. Thus, the institution expects an increase in the indicator with the growth of the loan portfolio in operations considered more risky.

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