February 25, 2024
Dinheiro esquecido do BC

What happens if the customer does not refund the value?

At the end of March, the Central Bank (BC) released a new calendar for people to recover forgotten money in financial institutions through the System of Receivable Values ​​(SVR).

The timetable has been extended until last Saturday (16), but from May onwards a new phase of consultations will begin, which will allow further withdrawals.

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After all, what happens if the client does not recover the forgotten money?

Regardless of whether it is withdrawn or not, the forgotten funds will always be available to the client. This way, if a person misses the counseling period and also the withdrawal period, they can rest assured that the value will remain preserved and guaranteed.

It is worth remembering that SVR is just a way to collect all forgotten values ​​in one place Banks. Therefore, with the aim of organizing and making access to what is rightfully theirs less complicated, BC had to divide the process into stages.

When does the deadline for new Forgotten Money inquiries start?

In order to reformulate it, the receivables system has been closed since last Sunday (17) and will remain so until May 1. From the modification, the new update will allow new refunds, including for people who have already withdrawn some funds in the first stage.

In addition, in the new phase of the system starting on May 2, it will not be necessary to schedule forgotten values ​​and forgotten values ​​can be recovered at the first consultation.

7 cases will be included in the debit value system

The next stage of the advisory and withdrawal system for forgotten values ​​in financial institutions should combine 7 different situations. To find out more information, just click here.

The Central Bank (BC) started the receivable system on February 14th. In it, individuals and companies can conduct consultations and schedules to recover forgotten funds.

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