February 28, 2024

What is Super El Niño and what is the effect of this phenomenon on the world’s climate; Winter starts today | the topic

Winter begins on Wednesday (21) in the southern hemisphere, and the season is likely to be affected by the El Niño phenomenon, a phenomenon that heats the waters of the Pacific Ocean and determines changes in moisture transfer patterns, and thus differences in the distribution of precipitation.

Because of climate change, meteorologists have heard g 1 Assess that the prediction in 2023 is that the phenomenon will be formed in The Super El Niño phenomenon causes temperatures to rise up to 2.5°C in some parts of the world.

When El Niño is active, ocean waters in the equatorial region are warmer – Image: Courtesy of William Patzert

In an interview with Natusa Neri, USP Professor and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change member Paulo Artaxo Explains how the episode could lead Brazil and the world to confront more extreme weather events.

“Our cities have to prepare for more rain in southern Brazil. Preventive measures are very important to minimize social and economic damage,” he explains.

“The socio-economic impact can be significant, and in fact, this is one of Brazil’s vulnerabilities with regard to global climate change. Our economy is highly dependent on one economic activity, which is agribusiness…”

Temperatures may rise in the Ceará due to the strength of El Niño – Photo: JL Rosa

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