June 14, 2024

What might change on Twitter when you buy Elon Musk | Technique

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What might change on Twitter when you buy Elon Musk |  Technique

News Twitter Purchase by Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, sparked mixed reactions among users and experts last Monday (25). And it sparked many speculations about what the “Musk Era” would look like on the social network.

Analysts heard g 1 We believe that the billionaire will face major challenges in implementing the thorny measures ahead Signaling recently, such as:

  • dilution of moderation in content;
  • make changes to the profile verification;
  • Open the platform algorithm.

On the other side, Understand that the audacity of someone like Musk can contribute to:

  • make the network grow, become more profitable and intensify the fight with competitors;
  • Entering into new business.

See below what to expect Twitter In the era Elon Musk“.

1) Moderation in controversial content

Content moderation is one of the most controversial topics involved in social networks.there is no consensus.

There are those who argue that the task of deciding which posts or accounts remain and which ones are blocked or banned is up to the platforms – because they are private companies.

Others realize that it is necessary for justice or government authorities to work with these companies.

There are those who believe that removing posts or personal files would jeopardize freedom of expression. Musk appears to be closer to this last group. “When you’re in doubt, leave the speech, leave it there,” he said in a recent interview with TEDTalk..

But the entrepreneur did not give examples of what should be preserved or prohibited, in his opinion, within the existing rules of the social network.

In the purchase statement, he emphasized that “freedom of expression is the foundation of a functioning democracy” and that Twitter It is the “digital city square where issues vital to the future of humanity are discussed”.

For analysts, the final reduction in moderation may make Twitter Having problems with the courts of many countries and even losing many users.

Danilo Rothberg, professor and researcher in the humanities at Paulista University (Unesp), summarizes.

Digital law attorney Flávia Lefèvre Guimarães warned when Musk suggested the purchase that the justification for offering more freedom of expression could become a “permission” for users to commit crimes and spread hateful and hateful news on the platform.

“Since moderation and the decision as to which content will be more or less relevant depends on the economic strength of certain agents, you cannot say that all users of this platform are on an equal footing to exercise the right to freedom of expression.” , pointed out.

In the same TED Talks interview, Musk said that Twitter You must respect the laws of countries on freedom of expression. But she admitted that she is resisting banning usersAs the platform did with former US President Donald Trump.

“I think we want to be very reluctant to delete things and be very careful about a permanent ban,” Musk said. “I think a pause is better.”

For Carlos Afonso de Sousa, a professor at Rio de Janeiro State University (Uerj) and director of the Institute of Technology and Society (ITS), the final permission to return banned profiles to the platform would make Twitter A caricature of freedom of expression.

Raquel Riqueiro, a social media researcher at the Catholic University of Pelotas, adds that the move could lead to a significant loss of users. Famous people can start leaving the social networkHe took with him many of his followers.

Pablo Ortilado, professor of public policy at the University of São Paulo (USP), conducted a similar analysis in his profile on Monday.

“Reducing moderation should make the environment in Twitter More aggressive and polluted – but these changes shouldn’t go far, because Twitter It would lose users, causing economic damage,” Ortellado assessed.

Even when it was a show, it was bought Twitter By Musk Divide and generate user reviews Memes. When the deal was announced, it was hashtag #RIPTwitterWhich refers to the English expression “Rest in Peace”, has become among the “common topics” of the network.

2) Change in profile verification

Analysts consider another metric that Musk has referred to as less controversial: ultimate event Change in the performance of the verification seal.

In the new concept, this stamp will be used to distinguish real profiles – which belong to a person – from bots spreading automated messages, hate speech, fake news, etc., explains Carlos Afonso de Souza, of Uerj.

Therefore, people will have to give up their nicknames and use their real names in the accounts.

3) Opening the algorithm would be “revolutionary’

After to leave Twitter More transparent, as Musk talks about Make the algorithm public.

The procedure will be a means of responding to criticisms of persons concerned with credibility Twittersays Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) professor of law and information regulation, Nicolo Zingales.

It is still not clear how this will happen, as Algorithms, which determine what users see in the feed, are an essential tool in the social media business And kept an industrial secret.

If he keeps his promise to make his tweet rating algorithm transparent, Musk will completely change the industry.Facebook, Instagram, TikTok – Keep algorithms shut down claiming industrial secrecy. This action is most welcome,” Ortilado of the University of the South Pacific wrote.

However, experts point out that such changes tend to happen slowly and gradually.

4) Growth Challenges

Although the billionaire says he does not want to buy Twitter To make money, the impact of the “Musk Era” will likely go beyond the platform’s usage policies, according to experts consulted. The richest man in the world should try to make the company grow.

Despite being 16 years old, Twitter It is still much smaller than its biggest competitor. According to the latest data released in 2017, the network has 217 million daily users and monetization, that is, accounts that can display ads or paid products from the company, such as subscriptions. Much less than about 2 billion in Facebookfor example.

This is also reflected in the bills. In 2021, a Twitter It has 5 billion dollars in revenue, while Facebook It has exceeded $100 billion USD, highlights Pedro Wengertner, Professor of Digital Business at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) and founder of startup accelerator and investor ACE.

For Waengertner, given the billionaire’s bold profile, the platform must learn to work with more products, and bring in innovations, as is evident in Musk’s other businesses, such as Android Android Tesla.

Economist Jason Vieira also expects the entrepreneur to present a The most profitable business plan for the platform.

One way to do this, he says, is to provide the means for content creators to get financial returns, as in other networks.

Moreover, Vieira thinks so The platform will have more space for advertisingAnother way to generate income.

But Carlos Afonso de Sousa, of Origue, recalls that Musk, who complained so much about advertising on social networks, prefer to Twitter Don’t count on it anymore.

“You will know what that means. If it will create a payment method for you to use TwitterIf this network is no longer free or if it will only be funded Twitter With other supporters,” says Prof.

Elon Musk and Twitter: An old and controversial relationship

Elon Musk and Twitter: An old and controversial relationship

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