June 5, 2023

What To Expect From Ibovespa And The Dollar On Friday By Investing.com

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Written by Jessica Bahia Milo

Investing.com – While awaiting the president’s trip to China, the market is still echoing Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s (PT) speeches after the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) decision to hold, which helped markets plunge yesterday causing a 100,000-point loss amid higher prices. Interest in the United States and a global warn of the banking situation. In addition, expectations for the release of data, ahead of the official inflation.

On the international scene, business activity in the eurozone accelerated in March, according to the preliminary composite PMI by S&P Global (PMI). Companies in the service sector have shown growth, but the industry has declined. In the US, the main highlights are durable goods data and economic activity with the PMI. However, the president of St. Louis. In Japan, inflation has eased from a 41-year peak, but price pressure persists. Deutsche Bank shares fell for the third day in a row as credit default swaps rose amid caution about the stability of banks.

At 8:22 AM (Brasilia time), the ETF was down 2.89% in the primary market.

In the US, it decreased by 0.47%, down by 0.86% and 0.99%.

The US benchmark fell 4.09% to $67.10 and 3.73% to $73.08.

ADRs for Vale (NYSE::) fell 0.40% to $14.89 and Petrobras (NYSE) shares fell 1.87% to $9.45.

today’s news

Balance sheets – Portobello (BVMF:), Ser Educacional (BVMF:), Cemig (BVMF:), PDG Realty (BVMF:), Atma (BVMF:), Hércules Talheres and Mundial report results for Friday, the 24th.

MPs’ Actions – The deadlock over procedures for handling the new government’s interim measures continues. The party leaders of the House of Representatives do not agree with the proposal by the Senate to resume joint committees to consider matters before they are sent to the plenary session of the House and to the plenary session of the Senate.

Crypto Fraud South Korea is expected to demand the extradition of businessman Kwon Do-hyung, who is accused of disappearing with US$40 billion after the fraud that led to the collapse of Terraform Lab, who is being held in Montenegro.

Today’s agenda

Roberto Campos Neto – Video meeting with Federal Representative Danilo Forte (EU / CE), Igor Macedo de Lucena, President of the Regional Economic Council of the State of Ceará (CRE / CE), and Vicente Ferrer Augusto Gonçalves, Federal Adviser to the Federal Council of Economics. Inland missions in São Paulo.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva – Meetings with the President of Petrobras, Jean-Paul Pratis, the Ministers of Justice and Public Security, Flavio Dino, Defence, José Museo, Health, Necia Trindade, Development and Social Aid, Family and the Fight against Hunger, Wellington Dias.

Fernando Haddad – Celebration of the signing of the Term of Agreement between the Federal Executive and the representative entities of the Federal Public Service Employees and the meeting with Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

corporate news

Petrobras (BVMF 🙂 – The board of directors of the state-owned company should propose to the shareholders a proposal to correct the fixed remuneration of the company’s directors by the INPC accumulated from 2013 to 2022. Thus, the increase will be 43.88%. In addition, contracts for the sale of assets that have already been signed will be fulfilled, but others must be reviewed, according to the CEO. The sale of the Polo Bahia Terra assets is subject to a new evaluation.

Aliansce Sonae (BVMF:) – The shopping center company reported a net profit of R$19.8 million between October and the end of December, down 85.9% compared to the same period in 2021.

Cogna (BVMF 🙂 – Cogna posted a net loss of R$203.5 million in the fourth quarter, up 35.2% from the also negative result for the same months of the previous year.

Eneva (BVMF:) – The energy company posted a net loss of R$193.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2022, reflecting a profit of R$489.4 million from October to December of the previous year.

Tecnisa (BVMF:) – The construction company reported a net profit of R$15.786 million in the last three months of last year, to reflect a net loss of R$58.963 million in the same period in 2021.

Locaweb (BVMF:) – Adjusted net income in the fourth quarter of 2022 was R$60.9 million, up 123.9% year-on-year.

BTG (BVMF:) – The bank has agreed to acquire FIS Privatbank, from Luxembourg, for €21.3 million.

Fleury (BVMF 🙂 – The general oversight body of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) has granted approval for the acquisition of Hermes Pardini (BVMF 🙂 by the group.

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