August 9, 2022
WhatsApp: a new function can block the profile picture of some contacts

WhatsApp: a new function can block the profile picture of some contacts

at recent days The WhatsApp Announced that a new feature is being tested. The new feature allows you to hide the profile picture of some contacts on Android. A similar tool is already available in the messaging app, however the contact picture can only be restricted to all friends or it cannot be restricted simultaneously.

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The new functionality is already being tested by the company itself and, if approved, will soon be rolled out to the general public. Another similar option is the one that allows you to hide your online status in a file The WhatsApp.

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Profile picture can’t be accessed

Where published most of the information about The WhatsApp, profile picture restrictions have also been released by the messaging platform’s specialized portal, and WABetaInfo. In a note, the platform reported that it found a link with the code in beta, which brings the idea of ​​the new configuration.

Additionally, the portal has found that restricting the display of a profile picture will be specified by the “My Contacts” option, followed by the term “Except”, to specify which contacts are prohibited from displaying a user’s picture.

still according to WABetaInfoThe intent is to use the same menu to limit users’ access to other information, such as “last seen” and “note”. Likewise, the app capability should also be released for iPhone devices. In terms of privatizing modes, it has been available for years to the public with iOS.

Finally, it should be noted that the new version has not been released even for users of the beta version of the application, since it is tested only through the internal core of the messenger. Therefore, it cannot be said when the tool will be implemented, however, until it is realized, it remains to use the similar option that is already available.

The application will no longer work on mobile phones with old systems

The most used instant messaging platform in the country, The WhatsAppIt will not work on mobile phones with operating systems that are considered outdated. The company announced that the procedure will start from November 1.

As announced, not all devices running Android 4.1 or earlier will be able to support the app. Additionally, iPhones running iOS 10 or earlier as well as KaiOS 2.5.1 will not be able to provide access to The WhatsApp. See the list.

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