February 26, 2024
WhatsApp could launch groups of more than a thousand people later this year

WhatsApp could launch groups of more than a thousand people later this year

So far, WhatsApp has expanded the group’s capacity at least twice to cover the number of fans of the platform.

Currently, the social network is no longer just an optional app, as many organizations use the app as an official communication channel. Therefore, the tool has become one of the requirements for communication, approaching people instantly.

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Demand for larger groups

In June of this year, the development lab revealed tests that expanded 256 people, the current configuration, to 512 members within the communities.

Despite the positive results both in the system AndroidFor iOS, the messenger has to deal with some legal restrictions in some countries. Thus, they took advantage of this time to test for longer upgrades, even noting the possibility of 1,024 users.

Why did Brazil dominate social networks?

In Brazil, WhatsApp faces the barriers of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), as any mechanism that promotes the sharing of certain materials poses a certain risk of fake news. At the moment, the decision is that there are no irresponsible media that enhance the dynamism of these channels, which do not have many filters against misinformation.

Accelerate the formalization of jobs

As published by the Wabetainfo portal, the . file target group It has sped up the launch of this new feature, as companies are also relying on this optimization to increase communication efficiency.

First, devices with a beta version of the app will receive the updated platform and gradually others will be able to access it.

Therefore, Brazilians should expect new Ste decisions until they receive the updated versions. Be sure to check your app store if there are any pending downloads, ensuring access to all functions released in recent weeks or important security patches to improve encryption performance.