June 13, 2024

WhatsApp features have changed with new updates

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WhatsApp features have changed with new updates

First of all, for a company to be successful, it must remain relevant and align with the needs of its customers. Always thinking about it, Whatsapp – from the Meta company – follows the same recipe as Instagram and Facebook. It seeks to update itself and create new trends so that it is always on an increasing path in terms of interaction with its users.

Find out what has changed on WhatsApp with new updates!

New updates

Today, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion monthly active users on the platform. Due to its popularity, its developers should always make sure that everything is working well and securely.

Moreover, in order to attract new people, the application will become more important and practical on a daily basis. For this purpose, the company is constantly developing new functions such as the latest “WhatsApp Pay” and the audio acceleration feature.

In order to test these new utilities, WhatsApp Beta, for example, acts as a “test dummy” for new ideas. Through them, we have new functionality that can actually be released to all of its users.

Create your own poster

Some time ago, along with gifs, WhatsApp released the stickers (Sticker), which was a great novelty and everyone uses it to this day. However, to create these stickers, it was necessary to download them from other applications, to solve this problem, the company is developing its own editor. Within the WhatsApp app, it appears that it will only be available for the desktop version initially.

No cashback app

Another feature under development is cashback on WhatsApp Pay. The in-app payment system has received so much attention from the company that it is familiar to its users, after all the other apps offer this functionality. Therefore, to move and increase the use of your payment method, WhatsApp implements cashback on purchases.

Multiple devices

This update allows the user to have multiple computers using their account through WhatsApp Web and without having to connect their cell phone.

They are developing something similar to mobile phones where anyone with more than one device can have the same account on both.

Now that you know what has changed on WhatsApp with the new updates, just click here to stay on top of other interesting topics!

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