February 27, 2024

WhatsApp has a new function and you need to know about it

WhatsApp will have a new functionality similar to that of Instagram

WhatsApp, one of the largest messaging applications in the world, is about to launch a new feature that promises to improve user privacy experience.

According to information published by the website “WABetaInfo”, the platform is testing a new username feature, just like those used by Instagram, Facebook and other social networks.

It is worth noting that the function is currently being tested in the beta version of the application for Android, and in this case the novelty caused a lot of enthusiasm among WhatsApp users.

The platform even sees this new tool as a more convenient way to add contacts, avoiding the need for people to share their personal phone number.

As such, users will have the ability to create their own username in their profile settings on WhatsApp, as well as on Instagram and other social networks.

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Application on a cell phone (Photo: Clone/Internet)
Application on a cell phone (Photo: Clone/Internet)

More on the topic

This is a change directly related to users who are looking for more and more privacy and alternative ways to communicate with each other.

So it is useful for those who need to add anonymous people, eliminating the need to provide the phone number. It’s worth noting that Telegram, WhatsApp’s competitor, has already offered this feature for quite some time.

WhatsApp works on mobile and on a computer (Image: Reproduction/Internet)
WhatsApp works on mobile and on a computer (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

What does this new function show about WhatsApp?

This post shows that WhatsApp is trying to become a great app. Following in the footsteps of WeChat, which in this case is very popular in other regions. Rather, it aims to offer users a new and more comprehensive experience, just like the other app, which in addition to exchanging messages, also allows you to schedule appointments, make hotel reservations, rent a bike and much more.

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