September 24, 2023
WhatsApp is testing a feature to make it easier to send replies

WhatsApp is testing a feature to make it easier to send replies

Still in the testing phase, the new WhatsApp feature has been released by the official portal of the “WABetaInfo” app. The program under constant development is now undergoing another chat change. The idea is that users can more easily reply to incoming messages.

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There is still nothing confirmed regarding the release of the tool, however, the developments have already been significant and it seems that the goal of the developers has been achieved. Testing is currently taking place on the WEB version of the app and will be tested soon on Android and iOS versions.

How will the new WhatsApp update work?

The goal is to create a button that enables automatic responses more quickly than simply dragging a text box to the side and typing. The post should be next to the conversation ‘balloon’, with the emoji reacting. Therefore, it will be possible to create instant texts.

As mentioned, there are no expectations to make these improvements official and planning requires time until the final integration. What is certain is that prior to launch, they will definitely reveal information about the evolution of this experience and the date when it will be available.