January 29, 2023
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WhatsApp releases profile pictures in groups; See how it turned out

a The WhatsApp Launch a new job in the app. This is about displaying profile pictures in group chats. According to Messenger, the new feature has been launched with the aim of making it easier to identify the sender of messages in a group chat.

WABetaInfo, a website that specializes in news from The WhatsAppI mentioned that the tool has already been released for iPhone (iOS) and desktop.

New feature for WhatsApp

So far, the profile picture for users in groups has only been released to people who have updated beta 2.2245.3 of WhatsApp Desktop or available for iPhones.

However, according to the WABetaInfo website, the new functionality will be available to all users soon.

Messages sent by group members are now attached to the sender’s profile picture. In this way, it will be possible to easily identify the author of the messages.

WhatsApp will increase the number of users in groups

In order to provide users with a better experience The WhatsApp It frequently undergoes a series of innovations. After updates, new features are usually released in the messenger, and according to information, the group participants are very much waiting for the next gadget.

at recent days , The WhatsApp She informed that she will increase the number of participants in the groups. It is noteworthy that this capacity has already been doubled. However, in order to enable more people to interact, an update will be made.

Groups with more than a thousand participants

This year, the WhatsApp development lab ran some tests to increase the number of participants in groups, which reached 512 members.

However, tests have shown that the messenger is able to accommodate more people in groups, with a total of 1,024 users.

WABetaInfo portal, a site specializing in information about The WhatsAppreported that the company responsible for the messenger has accelerated the launch of the new resource, bearing in mind that many companies use this resource to increase their communication efficiency.

Devices using the beta version of the application will receive the updated platform, and for others, access will be provided gradually.

The new functionality changes the way you take photos and videos

a The WhatsApp It is currently the most used messaging app in the country. With over 2 billion users, the messenger is constantly striving to bring these people the best experiences. With this, many updates are being made and with them, new functionality.

This time, new tools are being tested and according to the company responsible for The WhatsAppMeta, the features promise to bring big changes to the app’s users.

New changes in WhatsApp

Firstly, it is important to emphasize that the new version is in the testing phase, and after this process, it will be officially made available to all users.

According to the Meta, the new changes will be made to the Photos and Videos feature of the app. With the new tool, users will no longer need to press the button to record videos through the app. In addition, they will be able to switch between “photo” and “video” modes more quickly. For this, the The WhatsApp Camera layout has been changed with new icons to take better quality photos and videos.

Meta has not yet mentioned when the new feature will be launched. However, projections indicate that the function will be released in 2023.

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