June 23, 2024

WhatsApp: The FBI can access the data; understand

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WhatsApp: The FBI can access the data;  understand

According to a document from FBI, the agency can access all user data from The WhatsApp and iMessage from Apple. The possibility goes against the company’s privacy philosophy.

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It should be noted that even in the face of end-to-end encryption for platforms, a subpoena can allow access to information by third parties.

Legal Access, developed in partnership with the FBI’s Department of Science and Technology and Operational Technology, is a type of guide that guides state and federal agencies in obtaining information legally from the world’s nine largest messaging platforms.

Legal access to application data

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The document explains what are the possibilities and means of obtaining data from applications legally. Through a search warrant, for example, it is possible to gain access to a particular user’s contacts, as well as other users who have the respective contacts in their address book, according to the FBI.

NS The WhatsApp It is, in turn, the fastest, and comes to fulfill orders almost in real time. The action allows user metadata to be displayed, which is not the actual content of the messages. The text says other companies are responding more slowly, and delays in delivery can hurt the progress of investigations.

User privacy

Comprehensive file encryption The WhatsApp It is a right of all users of the platform. Generally, the system allows only the sender and receiver to access the transmitted information.

However, messages can be read by third parties, at least the last five in the event of a complaint. The messenger has more than two billion users, all of whom are vulnerable to legal analysis of US government data.

It’s “pressure” on the Internet:

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