June 14, 2024

WhatsApp update promises to make life easier for this group by 92%

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WhatsApp update promises to make life easier for this group by 92%

WhatsApp is in the testing phase for a new update that will allow the introduction of a tool that many users have been dreaming of. According to information released by WABetaInfo, the new upgrade will allow people to filter personal and business messages.

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In this way, as with archived messages, it will be possible to separate the chats into three categories. They are: Unread, Personal, and Business. It is not yet announced if there is another way to customize this filter. It is worth noting that the new functionality is still in the testing phase. In any case, the expectation is that the new tool will soon arrive for all users, that is also for those who do not use the beta version.

How will a WhatsApp filter work?

According to the information detected, messages will be grouped at the top of the app’s home screen. This is due to the past to update It was implemented by WhatsApp, which raised the app’s navigation bar to the top of the screen. The change has been made to all devices.

The new functionality will be similar to the archive function Messages, already present in all accounts; However, you will still be able to view all chats in sequence, just like in the current version of the messenger.

New functionality in addition to filter sorting

WhatsApp news is not limited to the new filter, see? In addition, other features are also being tested and promise to make life easier for those who use the app on a daily basis. Meta is also working on new privacy features that will allow you to silence incoming calls from unknown numbers.

With this said, the intention is to focus on protecting data and improving users’ usability, ie not allowing them to be interrupted by calls from people they don’t know. Finally, another upcoming feature is Privacy Checkup. Through it, it will be possible to make all the settings only in one place. In this way, we will have access to all the options to use it according to our needs.

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