April 13, 2024
WhatsApp: Will the accounts of those who do not accept the new terms be banned?  paying off

WhatsApp: Will the accounts of those who do not accept the new terms be banned? paying off

NS The WhatsApp It reversed its decision to block or limit account functionality for users who do not accept its new privacy policy. The Messenger is no longer demanding work and continues to provide his services.

In this sense, those who did not accept the Terms of Service will continue to use the platform’s tools. In addition, potential penalties for those who refused the application criteria were suspended.

However, according to the latest versions of the site WABetaInfoFailure to comply with the obligation to accept WhatsApp’s privacy terms may put the App’s Business Profile accounts at risk.

Given the information, professional accounts using Facebook’s cloud providers will not receive messages from users who do not accept the new membership terms. The procedure can negatively affect many organizations that frequently use messenger, such as SAC.

Therefore, refusing to share data with Facebook can reduce users’ access to their business accounts.

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WhatsApp Note

NS The WhatsApp It reported that it will continue to direct its users to accept the update, even when they use some optional features, such as communicating with a “company that receives support from Facebook”.

“The publication of WhatsApp Beta Info indicates that WhatsApp is working on tools to fulfill these promises and ensure that it will allow anyone, who has not yet done so, to do so when they want to use a feature related to the relevant update for the first time,” says the application’s specialized portal.

However, according to the company, the information published by WABetaInfo does not go on to say that WhatsApp plans to comment on the matter, as there is nothing new yet on the issue. In this sense, it remains to wait for the company’s next announcement of the situation.

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