September 21, 2023
When asked again, Philip Pryor talks about duality;  Watch the video

When asked again, Philip Pryor talks about duality; Watch the video

Credit: Reproduction / Instagram

Philipp Pryor (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

Entrepreneur and former BBB Philip Pryor, 29 years old, spoke frankly about her bisexuality after posting nude photos on the social network. Upon opening the Instagram question box, he denied that he was bisexual.

“No, no… but I have no prejudice about his identity. To me, everyone is the same,” he said at the time.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Pryor has been asked about this. While he was detained on TV Globo’s “BBB 20”, his relationship with Danielle Lienhardt raised suspicions that the architect was bisexual. At one of the parties on the show, he was before he even tried to give the model a kiss.

Far from reality, the situation was considered a joke. “Ah, but the intent to kiss was in bliss! He said, participating in the Multishow “A Eliminação,” Crazy, I’m giving my friends a kiss.

Daniel even asked Felipe what appearance the architect was giving him: “I was watching what the hell he would do. Show me where I kept my eyes, which I don’t know,” he answered before.

Watch the video:

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