June 14, 2024

Whindersson Nunes reveals when he plans to leave the venue and vents: “No, I’m not happy”; Watch

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Whindersson Nunes reveals when he plans to leave the venue and vents: "No, I'm not happy";  Watch

He opened his heart… in his last participation in “poddelas‘, a podcast by influencers Tata Estaniki and Bo Unzueta, Wenderson Nunes Talk about the downsides of living in the spotlight and his plans for a career vacation.

According to the 26-year-old comedian, who has succeeded not only on the Internet and on stage, but also on television, the fast pace of work made him rethink his everyday life. “I think I will only work a few more years at the speed that I am today. Hopes are dropping,” He said, who stressed that the removal should not be final. “I can leave the place and come back later, and do other things. This is my plan,” These are Windersson.

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The reason for considering “retirement” soon would be a concern for your well-being. In the chat, Nunes revealed that the crazy routine and fame were having an effect on his mental health. “I should be happy with all of this (Success)But I’m not happy, no. People are people. There are moments in life when you are not at your best.” I acknowledge. “I look at all I’ve accomplished and must look back in the face of a lot of good. It might happen after a while, I don’t know, I’ll get better,” resident.

Until then, however, the comedian has big plans for himself, as he plans to win an Oscar. WL! “Do you think I want to win an Oscar? That’s right. I want to win and take it to Piaui, to the driest forest and show it to everyone,” announced. Watch the full chat:

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