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Who came first the egg or the chicken? Science answers

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Who came first the egg or the chicken?  Science answers

Who came first the egg or the chicken? At some point in your life you must have asked yourself or heard this question, right? After centuries of studies and ideas on this topic, which may seem amazing, science has not been able to respond.

The question is an oxymoron: If the egg came first, who laid it? If it was a chicken, how was it born?


In the face of research conducted by the English universities Sheffield and Warwick in 2010, it was discovered that the formation of the chicken egg shell depends on a protein found only in the bird’s ovaries. That is, given this information, the egg can only come after the chicken.

Dinosaur descendants

Animals whose embryo develops inside an egg are called eggs, in front of this group are fish, amphibians, reptiles, monotremes, insects, molluscs, spiders and birds, such as chickens.

According to Charles Darwin’s theories, a species always evolves from a more primitive type. This means that birds, like chickens, descended from dinosaurs, which had already laid their eggs about millions of years ago. Over generations, one species ends up giving birth to “children” of another, through mutation.

According to studies, the most ancient bird is Aurornis Xui: fossils of this animal were found in China and indicate that it already had feathers approximately 160 million years ago. Archeopteryx is known as the “original bird” in the evolutionary line of dinosaurs.

That is, the “parents” of the hen laid an egg with a chick already in it, and inside it was the hen’s DNA. According to this theory, the egg would have come first.

This question remains complex and has no consensus, although the most widely accepted theory is that the egg came first.

According to some scientists, the egg came first and would have appeared about 340 million years ago, while the chicken appeared 58 thousand years ago.

However, if you are thinking of a chicken egg, the answer is different. Chicken (Gallus gallus dominus) has been around for 50 million years. Sometime during the domestication of the chicken, it is believed to have occurred in Asia between 1250 and 1650 BC. Where one of the ancestors of the “domesticated” chicken laid an egg with genetic characteristics different from those of its relatives.

After puberty, this embryo laid an egg like the one we have today. According to this theory, the chicken came first.

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