February 27, 2024

Who is the 14-year-old genius that Elon Musk has hired?

A 14-year-old genius has conquered what many young people want: a vacancy at SpaceXBillionaire Elon Musk’s company.

This is Kieran Cowazy, who is close to completing a computer engineering degree from Santa Clara University in the US.


The boy must move to Washington in July, in the company of his mother, to start working as an engineer Programming at SpaceX.

What does the family of the 14-year-old genius hired by Elon Musk say?

Quazi’s parents say the boy has already shown signs of having above-average intelligence since he was a toddler at the age of two. By this time, the boy was already able to formulate complete sentences. At nine, he entered college. I got an internship at a technology company a year later.

Quazi took intelligence tests in the third grade, when he scored above average. Her emotional intelligence, known as EQ, was also “surprisingly high,” according to her parents.

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But not all is well. The boy’s age is still a challenge. On Tuesday the 13th, for example, his young man’s LinkedIn account was suspended because he wasn’t 16 yet.

“I may be qualified enough to land one of the most sought-after engineering jobs in the world, but I’m not qualified enough to land a professional social media platform,” Coase says.

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In an interview with the newspaper Los Angeles TimesAnd The young man said he hopes to reverse all the attention he’s received by changing the “bias and misconceptions” of influential leaders.